Monday, August 15, 2016

July 25, 2016: Satevis

My Wild Unknown Tarot card is the Son of Cups. This card has a feeling of stillness about it.  The swan is seated, feathers covering feet and legs.  The rays emanating from the Cup before the swan are dark, except for their tips, which are multi-colored.  And the background lines of this card are aimed inward and upward.  All in all, a still and inner focus seem to be presented by this card, and this makes sense.  After all, when Water comes to stillness, there are depths and quiet darkness that present the opportunity to explore a new and less easily entered world.  Getting there and receiving these hidden messages takes the focused efforts of the Sons/Knights of the Tarot; here is an opportunity to give it a try!

Since I have not yet met the Watcher of the West, I decided to do a meditation to specifically encourage that meeting.  I went and got into the pool, and stood in the water.  It has been hot and humid today, so the water felt great.  As I stood in the cool water, I watched dark clouds travelling above me, and listened to the distant rumble of thunder.  I guessed I would not be there too long, so I focused intently. 

I found myself on one of the jetties in Cape May, at dusk.  The sky was overcast, but there was no wind; the waves moved gently along the jetty toward the shore behind me.  I looked into the water, and saw a face looking up at me.  The being smiled, showing sharp teeth, and motioned me into the water and then turned away.  Okay then; I stood up and dove in.  She was waiting for me (at least I think the creature was female, as she had breasts). 

Satevis is a large yet graceful creature.  At a quick glance she appeared like a mermaid, but as I looked closer, I saw differences.  Her tail was long and sinuous, more eel-like than dolphin-like.  She swam by swaying the whole tail side to side, rather than the up and down motion we see from cartoon mermaids.  She has long, greenish-brown hair that flows and arches gently (as if within a gentle current) even when she is still.  She has fin-like extensions along the backs of her arms, and even along the rims of her ears; her fingers are webbed.  Her face is only generally human in appearance; she has two eyes, a very small and relatively flat nose, and delicate lips. 

She led me deeper into the sea, and soon we were weaving between large coral growths.  Around the coral, white clouds were billowing and then flowing upward.  As we got closer, I realized I was seeing an amazing event: spawning.  Coral eggs rose up, like tiny balloons, and then clouds of sperm enveloped those eggs.  I smiled as we paused to watch for a bit; then Satevis turned to me and said (in my mind, not with words), “Water is the cradle of life.”  I smiled and nodded, and we watched for a bit longer.

Finally, she gently touched my arm to get my attention, and then led me forward through the large schools of colorful reef fish arriving to feed on the bounty that is spawning.  After a bit, we came to a cliff wall; she led me into an underwater cave that twisted and turned.  Finally a light appeared ahead.  She stopped at an opening and waved me through, into the light.  Suddenly, I realized where I was: at the bottom of Danu’s Well!  I turned back to the crevice and smiled; I had often sensed a presence here, at the bottom of the Well.  Now I know who that presence was.  I waved good bye, surfaced, and began to climb out of the well.

Interesting.  I have a lot to think about.


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