Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 2, 2016: the kidney meridian

The Daughter of Pentacles is my card for today.  The image on this one is a fawn, covered with spots, ears pricked forward.  She is watching and learning, curious and eager to experience the great mystery that is the world around her, yet hesitant, even uneasy at times.  But her hesitation does not last for very long, because her curiosity (flavored with gentleness and purity) is more powerful.  The delights of the forest await her, and she is eager to begin!  My initial feeling upon looking at this image is one of a childlike wonder, and a gentle and hesitant yet difficult to deny urge to explore. 

Since Dissolution is about the element of Water, let’s talk about the Yin meridians connected with Water, the kidney meridian (Yin) and the bladder meridian (Yang).  First, the kidney meridian.  This meridian begins in the ball of the foot, between the second and third toes, and continues up the front inside of the leg to the base of the spine, where it enters the torso.  When it reaches the kidneys, it splits into two branches (which are accessed just to the outside of the navel and inside the nipple on each side), then join together and continue to the base of the tongue. 

The kidney meridian is about maximum contraction, cold, and fear, it is about will power and vitality, death and renewal.  Since it deals with fear it is also connected to our adrenal glands, as well as our bones and teeth.  The kidneys regulate fluids in the body (and thus, salt and potassium levels in the body) and excrete toxins.  The meridian deals with energy levels and helps us to deal with mental stress.  Since the meridian is connected to fluid balance, it also deals with emotional and spiritual balance.  Imbalances can cause lung issues, dry tongue, edema, constipation or diarrhea, restlessness or insomnia, back ache, or a heaviness in the lower body. 


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