Friday, May 8, 2015

5/8/15 Ten of Pentacles and the Mother of Swords

So my Legacy Tarot has gotten legs and disappeared.  In the mean time, my new go-to deck is the Wild Unknown Tarot, so here are today’s cards.  I threw the Ten of Pentacles and the Mother of Swords. 

The Ten of Pentacles (Mercury, reason, intelligence, education, communication, in Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, work and service oriented) in an upright position represents physical world wealth and bounty, and the attempt to maintain the status quo.  This one also can symbolize freedom from financial worries, and it can represent the protection and stability found within a clan or family.

The Wild Unknown Ten of Pentacles is alive and vibrant with fertile energies! Ten Pentacles arranged in a diamond shape, with circles of the colors of the elements or of a rainbow as a background.  The diamond for me is personally powerful for it is one view of the octahedron, the shape of the physical world and the concept of “as above, so below.”  The circular colors go from indigo on the outside to blue, green, yellow, orange and red, moving through the chakras from the spiritual realm to the physical world.  What powerful symbolism!  Can we bring our bounties into the physical world and maintain our connection to gratitude and generosity and love?  That is the goal of this card, and indeed the whole suit of Pentacles.  Those blessings cannot become stagnant; instead we must maintain them in the position between the physical world of manifestation and the astral realms.  We do this by assuming the role of catalyst in order to activate the fertility to be found within those blessings.

The Queen of Swords (cusp of Virgo, “I serve,” practical, sensible, work and service oriented, and Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation, grace) can be considered a Minor Arcana representation of the Justice card, which is about responsibility and the relationship between “cause” and “effect.”  The main difference is that while Justice is about the law, the Queen of Swords is about the intent behind the law.  She is Water of Air, and her feelings support her intellect and the workings of her mind

This image on the Mother/Queen of Swords is similar to that of the Wild Unknown Daughter of Swords, except that this is obviously an adult owl, and because the sky behind this owl is not a night sky, rather it is lit.  We cannot tell if it is morning or afternoon, but this owl is “illuminated,” and she knows enough of her surroundings (and is confident enough in that knowledge she has obtained through experiencing her environment in order to thrive) to relax a bit.  Her feathers are a bit puffed, enough to hide her feet, which to me indicates that she is relaxed.  Her eyes are soft, as if she wants to appear sleepy, but she is not asleep!  She is alert, and she is aware, without pre-judgment of any kind, and ready to become active, should the need appear.

I love these two cards together, for they tell me that my day will be filled with pleasant and fulfilling experiences, and I will be able to remain relaxed and alert, the best way to enjoy my day.  If I am open and caring (and ethical!), I should be able to create an aura of calm pleasure all around me, and bring others to this mindset, thus setting off a chain reaction of blessings and bounty.  Now that is a good goal for the day, eh?

My journey to the Dominican Republic went well, and I am in the midst of a relaxing time in Paradise.  I am actually eating well, sleeping deep, and laughing a lot.  I have met new friends and reconnected with past acquaintances.  I am not quite to the halfway mark of my trip, and I feel very rejuvenated.  Exactly what I want from a vacation.  If these cards are any indication, things will continue to be perfect. 


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