Sunday, April 5, 2015

4/5/15 Transparent Oracle Sunday!

4/5/15:  Transparent Oracle Sunday!  My cards are:

31, Gateway: Winter (North). North is the direction of Earth, and thus of the physical or physically formed or manifested world, and of nurturing, health, finances and security, and the wisdom associated with living simply, being well-grounded, and being in touch with our physical body.  Because this Gateway is square and solid, and appears unshakable and immovable, it seems like a safe place, or a strong foundation upon which we can exist and prosper.

8, Guide: Eagle (East). East is the direction of the rising sun, and thus of new beginnings and fresh ideas, as well as knowledge, intellectual ideas and thoughts.  Eagle is considered the King of Birds, and often is seen as a Divine Messenger because he can fly to such amazing heights.  He tells of being able to see into the distance, and of achievements (and associated honors) gotten through courage and focus.  When Eagle is around, courage and perspective and vision will bring great results.

62, Dream (Within).  Within is the direction of the Self, and thus the cards associated with this direction deal with the ways our Self connects to the world and perceives the world, and the Self.  This direction is mostly abstract, and yet is our bridge to the Universe around us.  Dream is the language of the unconscious mind; our unconscious mind is constantly absorbing and interpreting information, and since Dream has no physical world limits, it can interpret that information without being bound by any limits. Thus we can see the past and the future, and talk to those who are not now (or maybe never were) of the physical world.

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  Eagle and Dream appear to be one shape, and that tells me my dreams and intuition and visualizations are important right now, particularly with regard to my physical world.  I should be certain that I view everything with long-term perspective, because the messages I understand and begin to manifest now will have far-reaching effects.  Nice!  And actually, pretty simple to understand; I like when the spreads are short and sweet.


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