Sunday, August 21, 2011

King of Wands/Knight of Wands.  Sheesh; a bit of Fire today?? The King of Wands (cusp of Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, nurturing, moody, and Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic egotistical) has a Fiery nature, particularly if you see the rank of King as corresponding with the element of Fire.  This King is confident, brave, passionate, and good at transforming his world to match his vision. The Prince/Knight of Wands (cusp of Scorpio, “I desire,” intense, controlling, deep, obsessive, and Sagittarius, “I seek,” philosophic, fun-loving, blundering) is a person of passion and courage as well, but he is not quite as good as the King is at manifesting these traits. He is a bit unpredictable, and his courage can be sometimes a bit foolhardy in the end.  Because I have both the Knight and the King of Wands today, I must guard against ending up feeling addicted to my passions.  But the cool thing is that Knight will light a fire under the more conservative King, and perhaps I may end up with some balance after all.

My Thoth card is the Four of Wands reversed.  Reversed Fire this time.   “Completion” is Uncle Al’s keyword for the Four of Wands (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Aries, “I want,” action oriented, assertive, enthusiastic) which in an upright position is about building enough to become established, as a beachhead, a pause before continuing, not as a finished product.  Usually the reversed Four of Wands tells of a sense of bondage or of lethargy,

My Legacy card is the Queen of Swords reversed, flavored by the Three of Swords.  Eeeep!!!  My least favorite card in the entire deck is the Three of Swords, and oh boy, it sounds like it is going to be a volatile day. The Queen of Swords (cusp of Virgo, “I serve,” practical, sensible, work and service oriented, and Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation, grace) in an upright position tells of being up front and open with everyone, of being quick on the uptake, and of making use of the experience I have gained.  But, my Queen is reversed today, so I just might find that I am not detached enough to be clear-headed.  The Three of Swords (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, limitations and resistance, in Libra, “We are,” partnerships, balance, cooperation) indicates the possibility of experiencing sorrow or betrayal of some kind.  Because it is flavoring my reversed Queen, the hurt or betrayal presented by the Three of Swords may very well have something to do with my use of my intellect or the way I am perceiving events and effects and emotions that are in play.  There may be some real danger here with the combination of the outer and active King and Knight, the sense of not having established my own place, and these two Swords cards.  **deep, calming breath**  This, too, shall pass.

My 6-digit number of the day is, thankfully, 4.  The number of stability and depth.  I might need some, with these cards.

My horoscopes: “This will be a great day for you! Your children, grandchildren, or siblings may have a lot of excess energy. It's up to you to take care of them, Sagittarius. It's your turn to plan things in the family. You won't have any trouble with this task. Have you ever thought about being a planner or organizer for a living?”

And: “Today you might experience strange feelings that something is wrong, perhaps in the neighborhood, perhaps with a friend or relative. This is probably going to bother you all day today, Nancy, so it might be a good idea to ring this person up, or otherwise look into the matter, as soon as you start having these feelings. Probably there is nothing really wrong, but someone close to you may have just experienced a shock of some kind.”

I have been working hard these past two days, getting the house in order after our most awesome family vacation, and spending some great time in my much-loved garden.  I am typing this entry as some pretty intense thunderstorms are approaching.  The wind is picking up, and the sky is heavy and threatening.  Hopefully I will be able to get this post up, and then I am going to pour myself a glass of wine and sit on the front porch, and watch Nature’s show.   We are going out to dinner later (hopefully the rain will pass by then), and I have to get up and out early tomorrow, as I have two Thai Massages to do!  Yay!

My Shadowscapes Insight today is related to the Page of Wands.  Another Fire card, but balanced out a bit with some Earth (Page).  And how nice, it seems to also be related to the 11th Path!  Mind you, the “official” Tarot card associated with the 11th Path is The Fool, but this Page is quite similar, in a Minor Arcana way.  The Page of Wands tends to be outspoken about personal beliefs, makes a great student ~and~ a great teacher, and challenges us to examine the things that frighten us but are filled with potential.  This card tells us that in order to learn, we’ve gotta push ourselves to the limits of comfort and beyond.  That is the only way we can experience the Aha! Moments.

And of course, this is what the 11th Path is all about.  The epiphanies of the 12th Path can involve recognizing patterns, but not the 11th Path; this one is about being open to experiences and effects without any expectations at all.  Each morning is a fresh, new beginning, filled with unknown potential, and we can’t perceive this potential unless we bring ourselves back to the beginning and start over again.  The energy of this Path is not shaped in any way, and each of us must strive to find our own meanings and our own applications for the knowledge and wisdom we receive here.

This Path is the moment at the end of The Celestine Prophecies, when many had learned to raise the vibrations of their own energy body to a level that transported them completely out of the physical realms, that made them invisible and unable to be seen with physical eyes.  This is the energy that is pure catalyst, that sets everything else in motion.  This is the cause behind all effects, the power behind all manifestations, and the seed of the end result which is sown at the very beginning.  This is Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, with complete innocence and harm to none.  This is not about the destination, it is about the very first step of a journey, a small step for sure, but the journey could not exist without it. 

The power of the 11th Path has no Form; it is the purest of Force, and it is neither positive nor negative.  However, I do need to remember that this Path does contain the potential to be either positive or negative, and in order to experience its effects, I must always be aware of consequences. 

Or, I can trust in the goodness of the Universe and my own heart, just like The Fool, and step forward into the unknown.


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