Sunday, July 17, 2011

Page of Pentacles reversed/Death reversed. In an upright position the Page of Pentacles corresponds with the season of Spring (Aries, “I want,” action oriented, enthusiastic, competitive; Taurus, “I have,” sensual, physical, cautious; and Gemini, “I think,” curious, talkative, sociable, dual, intelligent), tells of the presence of a “young body and an old mind,” and it tells of the potential for exciting opportunities.  The Pages encourage us to use the tools we have on hand in order to solve problems, and to use common sense when deciding on the next step.  This card tells me that I should go out and meet abundance as it approaches, with child-like enthusiasm, rather than holding back. The Death card corresponds with Water (cold/binds and wet/adapts, and sensitive, imaginative energy that strives to stay the same or take the same course), Scorpio, Nun (fish head; liberation), and the Path between Tiphareth (the hub of the creation process where energies harmonize and focus to illuminate and clarify) and Netzach (the stimulating factors of emotion and inspiration), and tells of transformation or change, both voluntary and involuntary, and the ending of an era.  Because it is reversed, this card is telling me of the possibility of a new beginning, and the Page of Pentacles is the perfect companion to this reversed Death card!

My Thoth card is Death.  Bookends!!  Uncle Al feels that Death is valuable enough that we should do it every day.  To him, the Death card is about transformation, change (either voluntary change or involuntary change), a logical development of existing conditions that might be sudden or unexpected, and an apparent destruction that actually is an illusion.

My Legacy cards are Strength reversed and the Eight of Cups. The Strength card (Fire, hot/separates and dry/shapes, and spontaneous, impulsive and energetic energy; Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic, egotistical; Teth, sieve or basket, digestion; and the Path between Geburah, the place where forms and structures are challenged or affirmed, and Chesed, the place where forms and structures are stabilized and nurtured) tells of emotional endurance, and the ability to not only maintain our composure, but to also be understanding and tolerant of others. Because the card is reversed, I may be finding it a bit difficult to maintain control over my emotions, not necessarily because they are too strong.  If I am tired, or of lethargy is creeping in, I just might find it hard to feel anything at all.  The Eight of Cups (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, limitation, law and order, in Pisces, “I believe,” feeling, duality, suffering, soul growth) tells of an ending or a change of direction.  Often this change is voluntary, and involves the sacrifice or giving up of something that may not be healthy or positive.  Because this card is flavoring my Strength reversed, it is validating the sense of disconnect, and the possibility of being overcome by lethargy.  Time for a bit of rest?

More about the Death card.  This card may be about closing one door, but when that door closes, another will open.  Death, after all, is not really a complete ending but rather, it is a transition.  This transition may involve a time of “limbo” when we can’t see an apparent next step, but we need to remember that whether we can see it or not, that next step is coming.  When it arrives, we need to accept it and work with it; that is pretty important too.  The changes or transformations associated with this card also help us to assess what we have and decide what does not work for us any more.  This not only includes possessions and people, but also attitudes.  We may tend to fear this card, but actually we should fear fighting its energies.

My 6-digit date number is 8, the number that tells of a focused response to the degeneration of the number 7, in order to restore, at least temporarily, the harmony of the number 6.”

My horoscopes: “All continues to go well professionally, Sagittarius. You're feeling physically strong and vigorous. Mentally, however, you might be a bit vague. You may be easily distracted and not as sharp as usual. This isn't a good day to start a new project. Try to concentrate on finishing old tasks and tying up loose ends. You should be ready to go again in a couple of days.”

And: “Don't just sit quietly when you're surrounded by strangers today -- get to chitchatting, and you'll transform what could have been a very boring waiting period into an enjoyable social event. Be the first one to say something, and don't shy away from being candid. It's a great day to talk to people you've never met before. People (including you) are feeling especially openhearted right now! And there's freedom in talking to people whom you know you'll never see again.”

Technology: “Get ready for surprises. You've been stuck in a stale mindset for some time and you're about to get jolted into a new dimension of ideas. You have the open-minded readiness to take on new clients, proposals and partners next week.”

My Sun reading: ‘Expect "ah ha!’ moments of clarity about what was said in light of what you felt was said when the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune. The good news is the words quit echoing in your mind. The even better news is that you're ready to move forward, not back.”

Our company is gone, and I am sitting on my front porch in the dark, listening to the waves as a cool breeze caresses me.  I was very much aware of Danu’s energy throughout the weekend, even though I was busy with family.  Every so often, I would remember my moments at Her Well, and smile.  Tomorrow, I will be working in my garden.  I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty.  And I will be looking forward to having a bit of time to meditate.  Quiet alone time does not come to me often in July and August, but I’m not complaining at all.  I love the busy time of the peak of the Summer season!  Soon enough, it will be quiet and cold and dark, but for now, the hustle and bustle is exciting!

The Tarot Major Arcana card that is associated with the 15th Path is The Emperor. The Emperor is a Fire card (hot/separates and dry/shapes, and spontaneous, impulsive, energetic change) which corresponds with the astrological sign of Aries (“I want,” action oriented, assertive, competitive) and the Hebrew letter Heh (window, illumination) which I spoke about in detail on the 13th.  The Emperor represents the power of the mind and of intentions to shape the world.  The Emperor along with The Magician and The Hierophant represents male energy.  It tells of having authority, which is gotten by “owning” our surroundings.  In other words, The Emperor is able to bring order to his life because he has experience and knowledge and wisdom.  He not only applies order to make his own life easier, but also to take care of those who he loves.  He is the father, and he cares for his children through the application of tough love. 

The Emperor often is related to government or the legal system or working with officials.  He is very good at applying and enforcing rules, regulations and laws, and operates through sound and logical principles.  He is able to bring security and comfort mainly because he is predictable and dependable.  And his intentions are always honorable. 

The 15th Path is the Angelic Gateway, and represents the Guides who lead us, by word and by example.  The Emperor was born to this task.


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