Thursday, April 27, 2017

November 19, 2017: Balance is the key

I realized yesterday that by cutting the cords to my anger and fear and angst over the election, I have also reunited to my spiritual awareness.  Anger is heavy, and so are fear and angst!  Who’d a thunk that what I’ve told to others for many years would actually apply to me?  Now my job is to prevent that anger from re-entering my mind through the path it has used a lot in recent weeks, so that path can once more become overgrown and that anger can’t take over the “control room” without a huge effort.

It feels so good to be connected to Spirit once more, to feel that little tickle in my brain that means some concept is digging in and getting ready to present itself for pondering, understandking and assimilation!  Fermentation is returning!

My Dreams of Gaia card is the Eleven of Water, also titled “Emotion/Intellect.  Another timely card!  As I explained the last time I threw an Eleven card, the Court Cards of this deck are a bit different from a traditional Tarot.  There is a King and a Queen for each suit in the fourteen and thirteen positions, a “specialist” card (for lack of a better term) in the twelve position, and there is a balance and realignment card in the eleven position.  I love this idea!!  Another of the many reasons that I have connected with the Dreams of Gaia Tarot.  The keywords for the Eleven of Water are emotion/intellect, love, fear, expression, suppression, head, heart, ease, and dis-ease.  Oh my, both love and fear have been in my awareness in a huge way recently, and this card speaks to me today in such a personal way.  Both fear and love can control us, however as I learned recently, many times fear can pull us downward, away from our own Higher Self and away from contact with Deity, because fear is heavy.  Some fear is necessary; after all without fear, we would not survive very long.  However, allowing fear to heat up so much that it blinds us to logic is not safe at all.  Love can also be heavy if it is tainted by a lack of self confidence or by a need to own and control.  The brilliant light of love can prevent us from seeing any logic at all.  Of course not all love is bad, either.  The Eleven of Water tells us that in most cases, love and fear are two sides of the same coin, and that imbalance occurs when one side is given dominance.  The Eleven of Water also reminds us that suppression is not usually the correct response, because the feelings and emotions that get suppressed can often turn ugly.  Life is not supposed to be happy and calm all the time; indeed it is the living of a varied life that keeps us healthy.  It is the learning of how to properly respond to intense situations that keeps us balanced.  Balance is the key!


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