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November 14, 2016: Full Moon in Taurus

November 14, 2016:

Today is the Full “Super” Moon in Taurus, my rising sign.   My new favorite astrologer, Chani Nicholas, has this to say about this full moon: “A moon so close to the earth has a great emotional impact on us. Illuminating what we most need to see. In the super stable sign of Taurus, this moon will hopefully reveal what we have built that is stable and sound. The world will go through a million ups and downs, some more severe than others, but we must find within ourselves what is solid, sturdy and immoveable.  Taurus is here to teach us about fertility, fecundity, productive growth and the goodness of the natural world. Physical pleasures. Sensual sweetness. The satisfaction of having put the time and work into something and watching it grow. May we look for the evidence of all of that in our personal lives. May all of the collective work we have done stand as a monumental testament to what we will continue to do, come what may.”

I am trying to recalibrate myself, to get back to the Great Work.  Fermentation, the stage in which I am currently stalled, is about examining the shadow self, the dark part of ourselves that we hide away, and shining a light on this shadow self in order to see it in all its ugliness.  It is only by accepting this part of myself and yes, even loving it, that my shadow self can be healed.  And suddenly, I am reminded of the concept of As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above.  My shadow self is within me, but so is Deity.  The essence of Deity animates my physical body.  I am worth the effort.

I have been trying very hard to not descend into the ugly arguments happening right now on social media.  The violence that is happening is ugly, whether it is against Trump supporters, or against gays, trans people, women, and American Muslims.  I understand the need to protest, and indeed America allows these protests.  I just wish that violence and destruction of properties would not be a part of those protests; I am reminded of the words of Michelle Obama, who said that when they go low, we go high.

My Dreams of Gaia Major Arcana card is . . . The Crone.  Oh boy, is that a message, you think?  I’ve only pulled seven Majors (including this one) since starting to work with this deck, and The Crone has appeared two other times, both for New Moons. The keywords for this card are feminine power, fearlessness, authenticity, individuality, independence, new purpose, freedom and shadow self. The Crone represents a proud and independent woman who is no longer influenced by the need to reproduce or the responsibilities of parenting.  The Crone is not afraid to walk her Path alone, she is not afraid to look to her own needs in whatever manner feels right to her.   The Crone warns me about the dangers to be found in embracing the illusions of another, an important message at this time.

The Crone is a powerful image in her own right, seen as the Wise Woman archetype.  The Crone is sometimes seen as the fairy godmother (who can be good or wicked), or even as a guardian of the Underworld.  She is also part of the three aspects of the Goddess, representing the fertility cycle and feminine powers of women (along with The Maiden, who is seen as unawakened and representing new ideas and youthful enthusiasm, and The Mother, who is seen as sensual and sexual and representing abundance, growth and fulfillment).

The Crone is the most feared of the three aspects of the Goddess, for it is The Crone who helps us to confront endings, death, and final wholeness.  No surprise that our male-dominated, youth-worshiping society is not comfortable with The Crone!

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