Wednesday, July 13, 2016

June 28, 2016: Royal Watcher Fomalhaut/Haftorang

June 28, 2016:

Here is a section of an essay I wrote regarding the Royal Stars of Persia and the Watchers:

Fomalhaut (“fum al hut” or “mouth of the fish,” and “the Star of Alchemy”), Persian name Haftorang, Haftoreng or the Haptoiringas (also associated with Ursa Major), reaches dominance at the Winter Solstice, and is found in the constellation Pisces; it is associated with Archangel Gabriel, and magic, fame, the occult, faith, alchemy, addiction, undesirable associates and congenital birth defects.  Metaphysically, it is associated with the element of Earth (cold, Winter, nighttime) and with the cardinal direction of North.  This star is associated with creative mental energy, which can either have a positive effect or a challenging one.

Right off the bat, something jumps out at me: Haftorang is associated with Ursa Major, The Bear.  “Bear” is my name for Ailm’s mate (Ailm is my spirit guide).  That means she is involved in this somehow; perhaps she is an “approved” source?  Time to do another meditation.

Later, same day:

Well, I did a meditation and Ailm told me right off the bat that yes, she knows Haftorang. 

It turns out that Bear works with Haftorang, as I expected once I re-read my research, and so do his people.  Ailm was not allowed to say anything about this to me until now; she had strict orders from Bear, who had strict orders from my now-good-buddy, Haftorang.  That is why Ailm and Bear and Bear’s people go to the mountains in the Winter (which always seemed counterproductive to me, but I had never asked why they didn’t stay in the lowlands for Winter); Bear wants to be with his people during the season of Haftorang.  They celebrate the Winter Solstice in part as a celebration of Haftorang and his star.  They often plan impromptu celebrations on clear Winter nights when the weather is good and the star is visible.  In fact, they live in the mountains because the star Fomalhaut never rises too far from the horizon, so they are better able to see the star from the high mountains and across the distant plains to the horizon. 

I asked Ailm if there were any other parallel situations; she said not that she was aware of right now but even if she knew of one, she might not say anything just yet.  Fair enough.

I think it is time to do some research about the star itself.  Guess that is my next project.


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