Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 15, 2016: Small Intestine Meridian

July 15, 2016:

Calcination continues!  We have the three H’s today, hazy, hot and humid, perfect weather to advance the process of Calcination.  On days like this, I often feel beaten down, lethargic, unable to focus.  Sometimes the perfect way to overcome ego is to beat it down, infuse it with lethargy, and take away its ability to focus.  Maybe I can make use of this heat.

The other Summer meridian is the one attached to the small intestine.  The small intestine meridian begins at the outside tip of the little finger (right next to the heart meridian), and moves up the arm to the back of the shoulder, where it divides.  The inner section goes down through the heart and the stomach to end at the small intestine, and the outer section travels up the neck, around the cheeks and through the ear, to the inner corner of the eye, where it connects with the bladder meridian.  The small intestine meridian is the yang partner of the heart meridian, and it also corresponds with the element of Fire, to the emotions of sadness and joy (opposites), to expansion and awareness, acceptance, and the wisdom that is present at the height or peak of development; added to the list are discernment and nourishment.  This makes sense when you remember that this meridian affects the whole body because it is connected to the digestion and disbursement of food.  The energies of this meridian separate pure from impure, and this includes both foods and fluids, and thoughts and beliefs.  The small intestine meridian can manifest as pain in the abdomen, sore throat, hearing problems, pain or swelling of the face; anxiety, anger, shock and excitement can all have a negative effect on the operations of this meridian.

A lot of this makes sense when understood through the lens of Calcination.  After all, Calcination is about discernment, and about clearing the way for more effective nourishment.  Calcination affects how we “hear” as well as how we “speak.”  So does the small intestine meridian.

My Wild Unknown Tarot card for today is the Ten of Wands.  This is a dark card, but the darkness is caused by the many Wands, acting like dark brambles, blocking the light that is in the background of the card.  Just the anticipation of attempting to push through those brambles to the light beyond them, or even to cut them away in order to allow the light in, is overwhelming.  Granted, the end result could be beneficial, but from this vantage point, all I can see is an almost impenetrable blockage, the overcoming of which just might take more effort than I have available to me.

It is going to be 91 degrees today with high humidity; so this card makes perfect sense! I’m going to buy myself one of those small, seedless watermelons, and munch on that all day. 


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