Monday, July 25, 2016

July 14, 2016: Ophion, my Earth Guide

July 14, 2016:

I did a little research about Ophion, my Earth Guide.  He is actually one of the Greek Titans, ruler of Earth and seen often as a serpent.  There is a creation myth surrounding Ophion, with Ophion in the shape of a serpent impregnates his wife Eurynome, who was in the shape of a dove.  Eurynome lays a single egg, around which Ophion coils his serpentine body, protecting the egg until it hatches and the world issues forth.  There is even a wasp called the “Ophion wasp,” so-named because when breeding, the female lays a single egg. 

Ophion has always appeared reptilian to me.  His skin is green and somewhat scaley, his nose is basically nostrils, and he does not have much body hair.  While my other elemental Guides have names associated with the cardinal quarters and their winds, my Earth Guide has presented himself in a different manner.  He was never “Boreas” to me, the name associated with the north wind.  I’m sure there is a reason for this, but it is not yet apparent.

I’m sure Haftorang will give me hints.

I threw another Wild Unknown Tarot card today, got the Mother of Pentacles.  This is such a beautiful card!  It makes me feel safe and warm and very loved. The doe in the image is comfortable with her legs tucked under her, but her eyes are open and her ears are pricked.  She needs to be alert, because her fawn is fast asleep by her side.  He curls up against her, soothed by her warmth and her support as he sleeps peacefully.  She will make certain that he is not disturbed, and when he wakes, she will fill his belly.

This card seems to be speaking directly to my efforts at the request of Haftorang; after all, Pentacles cards correspond with the element of Earth.  Perhaps I am being told by this card that I should remember that I am supported, and take a little break to digest all that I’ve found out so far. 


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