Tuesday, September 13, 2016

August 9, 2016: Son/Knight cards

August 9, 2016:

Now here is a message: The Wild Unknown Son of Pentacles.  Oh, I can feel the steely determination in this one!  The image shows the head of a young stag, bowed with effort, with a waning moon in the dark sky.  This one kind of feels like that moment just before you realize that the end is in sight, when you need every ounce of fortitude you can beg, borrow or steal so that you can see things through to the end.  Here is the challenge that will allow the Son of Pentacles to eventually lead, and to perpetuate the species.  Right now he needs to focus on the task at hand without allowing himself to be distracted, even if he is exhausted.

Two days in a row, I have thrown a Son/Knight card, and maybe a short detour to explore the Knights might be in order.  I see the Court Cards as presenting expressions of the essences of the suit; most of the time the King presents the most masculine or outer manifestation, the Queen presents the most feminine or inner manifestation, the Page presents the youngest and least prejudiced (and sometimes the least pure) manifestation, and our Knight presents the purest manifestation.  The element I assign to this rank depends on the deck, and since I am presently working with The Wild Unknown Tarot, I am assigning the element of Air to the rank of Son.  The beliefs of the Knights are pure, unadulterated by the need to serve and protect or be mature and balanced.  They are fierce, loyal, and very willing and able to fight for a cause.  The knights of old tended to be mercenaries, loyal to their lord and willing to fight in order to manifest the lord’s desires or mandates, even if they personally did not agree with what they were fighting for.  The Son of Pentacles is striving to manifest in the physical world; yesterday’s Son of Cups is focusing inward and striving to understand his feelings, emotions and visions.

Now comes two questions: Is it time to move on?  Where do I go next?


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