Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 4, 2016: Water and the bladder meridian

The family went kayaking today.  Since kayaking is about Water, let’s talk about the other Water meridian, the bladder meridian. 

The bladder meridian begins at the inside of each eye and travels over the head (and through the brain) and the back of the neck; it then splits into two branches and continues downward, with one branch right next the spine (and through the bladder) and the other branch taking a detour to the back of the shoulder before continuing downward outside the inner branch.  The two branches reunite at the back of the knee and continue downward, circle the ankle, and end at the tip of the little toe.  This meridian is about expanding and contracting emotions, death and renewal, holding and resentment, fear and cold.  The bladder gets its energy/fuel from the kidney, and its purpose is to store and eliminate fluid waste.  Imbalances can cause headaches, runny noses or nose bleeds, eye, neck or back pain, and bladder issues, as well as tight muscles along the back of the knees and in the calves. 

This meridian seems very much about emotions and feelings and visions, specifically focused on either holding onto these experiences and on getting rid of those it determines to be non-essential.  I get the feeling it is the holding part that I am to deal with as I work through the Great Work this time.

My Wild Unknown card today is the Four of Swords.  The image on this one is a lamb, all curled up and serene, beneath four Swords hanging point-down above him, with a brightly-glowing third eye chakra.  What a powerful image!  This tender, untried youth is resting below four Swords hanging precariously above him, and yet he does not appear frightened.  He is alert, so he knows those Swords are there even though he does not even spare them a glance, but he is not even prepared to run should they come loose.  Perhaps his stillness is part of his protection.  It is as if he is keeping those Swords up there with his serenity, his stillness, his awareness of what is going on around him, and his belief, his mental force . . . his Will!


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