Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nine of Pentacles/The Universe/World reversed. The Nine of Pentacles (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Virgo, “I serve,” practical, analytical, work and service oriented) is a card of accomplishment through the imposition of discipline. This card also reminds me that in the end, I need to rely on myself.  I need to attempt to handle the situation on my own, and have confidence in my ability to do so.  The Universe/World (Earth, cold/binds and dry/shapes, stable, physical, material, slow to change; Saturn, discipline, responsibility, limitations and resistance; Thav, mark or sign; and the Path between Malkuth, the physical world of action and physical reality, and Yesod, the place where patterns and images emerge that may manifest into Malkuth) is about synergy, integration and fulfillment, and my card is reversed today.  Okay, more isolation, but not necessarily bad isolation

My Thoth card is the Two of Cups reversed.  “Love” is Uncle Al’s keyword for the Two of Cups (Venus, beauty, allure, relationships, in Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, family and home oriented, tenacious, moody) which in an upright position is also about love, usually about relationships and commonalities.  My Two of Cups is reversed, and so it is telling of . . . drum roll . . . a sense of isolation.  Sound familiar?  The thing about this card is that in a reversed position it has a flavor of self-absorption; that could make things difficult.

My Legacy card is the Seven of Coins reversed, flavored by the King of Wands reversed.  The Seven Coins (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, law and order, in Taurus, “I have,” sensual, cautious, stubborn) in an upright position tells of isolation.  LOL, no, only kidding.  Actually, the upright Seven tells of pauses and assessments and choices, but since the card is reversed, it is indicating action and direction change, and possibly hardship of some kind in the physical world.  Which indeed can sometimes be isolating.  My King of Wands reversed is flavoring my Seven of Coins reversed. The King of Wands (cusp of Cancer, “I feel,” sensitive, nurturing, moody, and Leo, “I am,” passionate, dramatic egotistical) in an upright position is charismatic and forceful in an admirable way.  He is reversed and flavoring my Seven of Coins reversed with his drama, and this might not be good drama.  Making a splash certainly gets everyone’s attention, but that attention may not be good.  Be careful!

My 6-digit date number is 10, the ending or completion of a cycle of effect or manifestation, which reduces further to the number 1, potential, beginnings and position.

My horoscopes: “Someone who may be something of a local celebrity might suddenly be attracted to you, although at this point neither one of you may be inclined to pursue it. Don't expect much from this person beyond conversation, although this should be very stimulating now. The energy should be strong enough to last beyond the day, so don't be shy about exchanging names and phone numbers.”

And: “Communication with others could be extremely rewarding today - especially later on in the day. Project more of your energy outwards and join with others in projects that you might otherwise try to tackle on your own. Things should flow smoothly today, as long as you take a lighthearted and optimistic approach. Move forward with projects instead of just thinking about them and contemplating their completion.”

My Shadowscapes Insight today is the Knight of Swords.  This Knight is the brave hero who rushes in to save the day.  He does not allow emotion to sway him from his task, and this means that he knows no fear.  He won’t stop until the prize is won and the maiden is saved.  A storm may gather in his wake, born of the turbulence of his fervor, but his sword glows like a beacon to his followers.

Last night, as my Dahling and I stood in our yard, cooking a pair of awesome bone-in ribeyes (yes, while I tend towards being a vegetarian, I can be lured by a big, beautiful, well-marbled hunk of red meat!), I waited patiently for the ISS.  The moon was up, waxing beautifully, and the western sky had lost its reds and oranges, and then suddenly there it was.  A brilliant reddish tinted star, moving across the sky, almost directly overhead!

I thought it would pass into the Earth’s shadow and fade away before passing behind the roofs of the houses to our East, but instead the ISS glowed brightly until I couldn’t see it any more.  What a piece of work is man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties.  I won’t go further with that quote by the Bard, which ends in not so admirable a manner, because I am in awe of this handiwork of man.  I feel the same way, every time the glowing ember of the ISS passes over my head.

Today is my absolute favorite “holiday” of the year: Fall Back Day.  For a few short months, my body clock will be much more in tune with my time pieces.  This really does have a huge influence on my alertness, and my energy level, and this influence gets greater as I grow older.  I am spending the day tapping into these lovely, balanced feelings. 

We just took a nice bike ride down to the Cove, and stood for a while beneath a Fall-blue sky, our cheeks warmed by the blazing sun, and watched the waves.  We both inhaled deeply, breathing in the crisp, clean air rich with the essences of sand and surf.  And then we returned home; hubby is watching the Giants, and I am typing this post.

And I am still filled to overflowing with lovely balance.  Happy Fall Back Day, everyone!!


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  1. I am basking in the glow of your happiness in living beautifully!