Sunday, November 22, 2015

11/18/15 Five of Wands reversed and Ten of Wands reversed

Pulled out my Llewellyn Welsh Tarot today because I needed the soothing, dream-like images in this deck today. I threw the Five of Wands reversed and the Ten of Wands reversed. 

The Five of Wands, which corresponds with Saturn (discipline, responsibility, law and order) in Leo (“I am, passionate, dramatic, egotistical) indicates a struggle caused by annoying cross-purposes, or this discomfort could be caused by growing pains. The traditional image on this card makes me laugh, and makes me remember setting up a tent in order to camp.  The more people trying to set up the tent, the longer it takes to finish the project.

The Llewellyn Welsh Five of Wands is pretty traditional as far as images go.  Five men with five Wands, each with a different interpretation of how they should be assembled.  The interesting thing about the image on this one is that there are written instructions to be had.  However, they are rolled up on the ground and being ignored by these five people who are each absolutely certain they know how to do the task. 

The Ten of Wands (Saturn, discipline, responsibility, limitations and resistance, in Sagittarius, “I seek,” philosophic, fun-loving, blundering) tells of being taxed to some perceived limit, or of feeling as if we are out of gas at the bottom of a hill that must be climbed.  This card can also tell of a passion or idea that has taken a life of its own and then gotten out of control or taken over everything else, and this to me is an interesting interpretation of this card.  Sometimes success can be oppressive; if we get suddenly lucky and we are not prepared to take on what we’ve been given, the burden can seem crushing.  Too much of a good thing is never good!

The Llewellyn Welsh Ten of Wands shows a more traditional image: a man walking up some stairs, carrying what appears to be a huge and heavy bundle of wands on his back, moving toward a building or the edge of a town.  What is interesting about this version of the Ten of Wands is that those wands the person is carrying each have small branches and leaves at the top.  This card has more of a “carrying my weight and more” and “not flinching in the face of hard work” kind of feel to it.  This card tells of a huge burden that is difficult to carry, but it is not an impossible task.  I also get the feeling that, because these Wands appear still viable, they will have some effect on the house or town to which they are being carried. 

Because both Wands cards are reversed, there is a general message here: responsibilities might rain on my parade today.  But when we look at both of these cards and examine their reversed interpretations, that might not be a bad thing.  Unity of purpose is easier to deal with, and finding that a responsibility is not a burden can also bring a sense of lightness.  Perhaps today is my day to sit back and try to find the space within; I can take this time for myself without neglecting my responsibilities.  Relaxation without guilt; I like it!


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