Sunday, October 4, 2015

10/4/15 Transparent Oracle Sunday!

Transparent Oracle Sunday!

57, Grail Hallows: The Sword (Below). The direction of Below is not easily associated with spirituality, yet it is a powerful symbol representing the opportunity to create a strong foundation, and to connect to the tools and powers of the Underworld.  The Grail Hallows present esoteric and hidden knowledge about the elements and the Tarot suit of Swords/Air.  The Sword stands for truth, authority, empowerment, nobility and destiny.  It may only be wielded by one who earns the right, and when this card appears, it tells of a higher calling that when responded to will bring the respondent into their true and destined spiritual power.

22, Weather: Rain (West). West is the direction of Water, sensitive, imaginative energy that strives to stay the same or take the same course; energy that is cold and wet, that binds and adapts.  Water is about emotions, feelings, the Inner Voice, dreams, intuition, and Water is connected to both birth and death.  Rain is cleansing and nourishing, and this kind of weather can often bring dissatisfaction.  However, I also see Rain and it’s quiet, dark and cozy sensations as providing a time for rest and renewal.  Many are melancholy when it rains, but we need the rain to grow and live.

47, Jupiter (Above).  The direction of Above takes us up and out of the four traditional elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and reminds us that we are but a small part of the Cosmos.  Above also reminds us that while the Machinery of the Universe is huge, it does have an effect on each of us, and each of us is an important part of the workings of that Machinery.  Jupiter is about expansion, intelligence, justice and optimism.  It reminds us that we are all leaders, and that we have a responsibility to choose our thoughts, words and actions with care because we do have effects on others around us.  And while doing this, we also need to keep our sense of humor, or things will go bad quickly.

I then stacked my cards and created my mandala.  Lots of movement in this image; the Rain is radiating toward me, Jupiter seems to be circling through the rain, maybe even “singing in the rain” **wink** and splashing in the mud, but the presence of The Sword seems to be calling my attention to the seriousness of these cards.  These cards together seem to tell of some kind of new birth or new beginning, possibly brought to me because of past efforts.  Considering that my weekend was filled with lots of rain and wind (we had a nor’easter and there were floods and crashing waves and howling winds since Friday), and considering that I was “unplugged” almost the entire weekend, it makes sense that something new might be germinating within me, with the storm and my weekend without a computer acting as catalysts.  This storm was reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy, with several similarities.  I spent this weekend alone as well, and slept on the couch because I felt safer.  Winds were only 50 mph as opposed to 70 + mph of the hurricane, but I still stayed inside for most of the weekend.  I did get to the beach twice, once on Friday and one this afternoon.  Sand has moved!  We have been lucky this time because we gained sand on most of the beaches I saw today. 

Coming into the spiritual power that destiny is offering, expanding my intellect, and the birth/death of Rain and the possibility of initiation, are things to look for this week.


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