Friday, June 9, 2017

April 26, 2017: New Moon in Taurus

Today is the New Moon in Taurus, my rising sign.  From what I have read online, this New Moon is a good one for beginning the first stages of some kind of manifestation.  There are no aspects with the planets, so besides the correspondences of a New Moon (beginnings) and Taurus (which is ruled by Venus and the Moon, and corresponds with the element of Earth, foundations, health, prosperity and fertility), anything goes.  This New Moon is offering me some general potential, undedicated to any specific direction or task.  Hmmm . . . what should I do with it?

My Dreams of Gaia New Moon card is The Crone reversed.  This is the number 6 card of the Major Arcana of this deck, and it appears often for me, both upright and reversed.  The keywords are feminine power, fearlessness, authenticity, individuality, independence, new purpose, freedom, and shadow self.  This is such a cool card; it tells of being aware of Purpose and it encourages having the courage to fulfill that Purpose, no matter what it is.  In a way, this is a companion card for the reversed Four of Air I threw the other day, because that card hints at what needs to be done in order to manifest my Purpose, and this one encourages me to understand my Purpose, to re-look (even if I think I’ve already understand all there is to be understood).

Before beginning my Pathworking, I’m going to take a bit of time to review each of the ten sephiroth (or “emanations”) of the Tree of Life, kind of setting up a foundation.  The Tree of Life itself is seen as a set of archetypes or correspondences, and I could spend lots of time just talking about the Tree generally.  If we see the sephiroth as emanations or transmissions, we need to see ourselves as receivers of those emanations or transmissions. The information presented is layered; we need to make our way through the layers in order to understand what is revealed to us as we go deeper (always keeping in mind that mis-information appears in order to test our ability to think independently rather than accepting what we are told as “written-in-stone”).  I do need to remember that in order to achieve understanding, I need to chop wood and carry water.  

The Tree is set up with its roots in the physical realm and its uppermost branches in a realm that is almost beyond understanding.  As I stated above, there are all kinds of things to be learned about each sephira.  But understanding the interactions between the individual sephira, pairs of sephiroth, triangles, and all the other multi-directional flows, can be truly exciting.

Let the Pathworking begin!


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